Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Buddhist monastery

Yesterday was my last day in SG. After the interview, I went straight to Bishan to visit the huge Buddhist Monastery. The hot weather did not discourage my desire to visit this grand temple place. As I walk around, I was asking myself why God did not send prophets to Buddhist countries like China or why Jesus our God did not/was not able to visit these countries? We already know that it is written in the Bible that we should love God above all. But how can people can love Him if they were not introduced to Him? It's not their fault to be born in non-Christian countries.
People may argue that all gods are the same, only their names are different. But historically, Buddha and Jesus were not one and the same. How do you reconcile that? Both existed in different times. It is also written that we should not create idols for worhip. However, if a person truly believes in his heart that the statue is his creator, can we fault him for worshipping it, especially if the creation of the statues is allowed by their religion? Assuming all things being equal, can we truly say that we are more Godly compare to a person who worhips a statue out of good faith, sanctioned by their church?
By the way, is understanding other faiths a sign of weakness in my own? Nobody can really tell.

Sunday, April 27, 2008


Today we went to Sentosa, the "EK" of SG. It was uncomfortable to walk around since the place was packed with tourists and the weather was so hot (because of two things- climate change and sexy girls), so I wasn't able to see all the tourist attractions. I was perspiring to dehydration all day (for the same reasons mentioned above).hehe.

The only attraction that I enjoyed was the LUGE (pronounced luj). Here is the picture.

I had so much fun in the Luge that I didn't notice that I lost my cellphone. Bad trip! It has witnessed my ups and downs for the last 2 years. Why does bad things always happen to good people? Here is my picture after I realized that I lost my naluge. From Luge to luge.

Anyway, after giving much thought...I realized that there's no reason for me to be sad since the phone was only lent to me by God....maybe it's already time to lend it to some other person. Indeed, nothing is permanent, except change. Thanks God for the usufructuary (contract of use and fruits)!

Al-Gaffor Mosque

Today, I visited a mosque to take some pictures. I don't know why I love places of worship. Maybe becuase I love seeing people communicating with their creator, professing their faith...or probably becuase I love comparing our religious practices with theirs. There's so much to learn.

After I was satisfied with the pictures, a Muslim brother approached me to discuss about Islam. I readily agreed to have a coversation with him. We talked about a few things about Islam like the reason why they don't have any statutues, images inside the Mosques, that they believe in Old and New Testament, Muhammad etc.

There's not much difference between Islam, Judaism and Christianity I believe. The basic premise is that all believe in one God.

By the way, I borrowed a white cap for pictures sake, risking to have dandruff.

Monday, April 21, 2008


Today could have been a good day if not what happened on the MRT. I was on my way to the company. Since it's the peak hours, majority was standing and everybody was jockeying for position (for good spot and good air). It's not my style to push people (even in basketball games, you can ask my friends.hehe). Anyway, I was leaning on a standing rail/pole to ease some tension when I suddenly felt either a light punch or a tickle on my lower back. I don't know what that was. Before I turn my head, I made a quick decision. I was thinking if that "sensation" came from a guy, I'll definitely confront him. However, if it came from a girl, I might let go... By the way, I hoped the culprit was a girl.

When I turned, I was confronted with 2 ironies. First, The culprit was a girl (but looked like a guy); Second, she gave me a look with the intention to traumatize me. She probably thought that my lower back molested her fist. Are you kidding me?How could a lower back deflower a closed fist? Confronted with similar situations, there's not much you can do except to understand. Maybe her mother was so fond of eating dilis (small fish) during her pregnancy.

Here is a picture of dilis.

Anyway, since I'm kind, I decided to forget.

"To the good, I'm good; to the bad, I'm good. For kindness is a virtue." - Lao Tzu

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Singlish (Singapore English)

1. Where is the nearest McDonut? (Hindi po kalaban ng Dunkin Donuts, burgers po!)
2. How much? It's 1 teti. (Hindi po bastos yan, 1 dollar and thirty cents lang.)
3. Do you want to eat pinuputa? (Hindi po yan ung babaeng for hire...pineapple tart)
4. Kapa (paradahan ng sasakyan...carpark)
5. tex auditor (buwis po ang inoodit ko, hindi na po ako nagtetex.)
6. Cali (hind po beer yan, ito ung sauce na maanghang...ex Chicken Curry)
7. Popeye (Bye bye)
8. Do you have kets? (wala po akong leprosy...cats wala rin)
9. lemong (lemon)
10. Eng (Ng)

Chinese Garden

Last Saturday, I toured Chinese Garden. There's no admission fee so I decided to push through with it. You know, when you're poor, you're force to become resourceful.hehe. Actually, I'm not big on Koreanovelas, Chinovelas etc. but I appreciate this place. I think it was beautiful and my experience there was superb. The structures were like scenes from the movies of Jet Li.hehe. Good for dates!


Today, I went to Lucky Plaza in Orchard. This is the "Filipino" Mall, so called probably because there are a lot of Filipino stores as well as Filipino shoppers there. Today is Sunday, and the place was packed with people. I was tempted to buy Mr. Chips but decided to abstain because of budget constraints. I went to a Filipino restaurant for my merienda. I ordered Kare-kare, which is my favorate, and Sisig. The kare kare was not that tasty but still good enough. When you love something, or someone, you really don't mind the flaws. As they say, "Love is not blind; it sees but doesn't mind." hehe. I miss Philippines so much. There's no place like home.=p

Friday, April 18, 2008


10 Favorite Latino Quotes:

1. Dura Lex Sed Lex (The law is hard, but it's the law) (You can substitute "law" for other hard things and make another Latin quote)
2. Do ut facias (I'll give so you may do) (Is this what rich people in ancient times say to their "hired workers?")
3. Ignorantia Legis Neninem Excusat (Ignorance of the law excuses no one)
4. Injuria non excusat injuriam (One wrong does not justify another)
5. Nemo dat quod non habit. (One cannot grant what one does not have) (True!)
6. Acta exteriora iudicant interiora secreta. (Outward acts indicate the inward intent) (Bastos!)
7. Mala iter itineris (Badtrip!)
8.Vox Populi Vox Dei (The voice of the people is the voice of God)
9. Ut in omnia glorificetur Deus (That in all things, God may be glorified)
10. Nunc Et Semper Te Valde Amabo (I will love you very much now and forever)

Thursday, April 17, 2008


10 Places I want to visit in the Philippines:

1. Batanes
2. Palawan (Coron, Puerto Princesa etc.)
3. Bicol (Mayon Volcano, Butanding encounter, Our Lady of Penafrancia)
4. Quezon (Banahaw, Kamay ni Hesus Healing Center)
5. Tarlac (Shrine of True Cross)
6. Zambales (Capones Island, Anawangin Cove etc.)
7. Banaue Rice Terraces (All my pics here were accidentally deleted; I just have to go back!)
8. Ilocos Norte (Pagudpud, Windmills, Lighthouse, Paoay Church etc.)
9. Bolinao
10. Spratlys (I'll bring Chinese and Philippine Flags!)


10 Favorite Quotes from famous people

1. What is right must be kept right, what is wrong must be set right- Sen. Panfilo Lacson
2. The law applies to all; otherwise none at all- Mayor Alfredo Lim
3. Ang bangang maingay walang laman.-FPJ
4. I am sorry.- GMA
5. Moderate your greed.- Jun Lozada
6. Don't do to others what you don't want others do unto you-Confucious
7. All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become. - Buddha
8. Nothing is impossible to him who believes.- Jesus Christ
9. Stupidity is also a gift of God, but one mustn't misuse it.- Pope John Paul II
10. God made life to be a journey, it's our job to make it an adventure.- Kenneth Ng


10 hard questions:

1. San tayo, Jollibee o Mcdo?
2. Anong oorderin mo?
3. Sila ba?
4. Anong uunahin natin, mag-aral o manuod ng sine?
5. Bakit ang bagal mo?
6. Galit ka?
7. Ikaw ba yung umutot?
8. Mataba ba ako?
9. Sinong mas gusto mo?
10. Nasan ka na?