Monday, June 30, 2008

Las Haciendas

I've been hearing a lot about the famed mudslide in Las Haciendas and last Saturday, I got the chance to experience it.=p Since my friends' annual summer outing in Tagaytay was held last Friday, I asked them to join me in a trip to Las Haciendas in Laurel, Batangas.

We arrived at Las Haciendas at about 1030am.

Since we were still full and very excited at that time, we decided to trek to Ambon-ambon Falls first. I'm not huge on trekking but it still feels good to trek once in a while. The trek to the falls approximated 30 minutes. It was a fairly easy trek except for the few "landmines" along the way.

You have to cross four streams to get to the Falls. The Falls was so named probably because the waterfall effect was like drizzle.

Baboy playing in the mud...

The sight of the Falls made me smile. At least I know that God hasn't yet given up on us, since there are still a lot of beautiful places for us to enjoy.=p

After the trek, we ate lunch at the clubhouse. We had kare-kare (my favorite), pritong tilapia and beef & mushroom plus BJ (buko juice) for our drinks.

Then, we're off to the mudslide. Probably it will take 8 to 10 seconds to complete the slide process 'til you reach the muds at the bottom.

Now I realized why pigs love playing in the muds. Parang mga baboy lang...

After satisfying ourselves in the mudslide, we washed the muds off in their infinity pool.hehe.

To complete the perfect day, we had our dinner at the Bag of Beans in Tagaytay where we ordered Shepherd's Pie which somehow look like a "landmine" to me. =p

Two moral lessons for today: #1 Thou shall not underestimate the pigs, for you might end up enjoying what they do; and #2 Thou shall not get angry with bullshit, for it might find its way to your foodtable (albeit in another form).

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